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Heavy Civil Construction

The old Caltrans photo at the left is a bird's eye view of heavy civil construction, which begins with site preparation and typically involves moving, handling and placing large volumes of material (e.g., concrete, asphalt, dirt, rubble, aggregate fill). This primarily "horizontal construction" activity includes site work (e.g., excavation, grubbing and clearing, topsoil stripping, soil balancing, grading, compacting, dewatering), utilities placement and installation (e.g., pipelines for water and sewage, storm drainage, electrical, telecom), and paving (e.g., roadway, airport apron and runway, waterway, parking). Heavy civil work provides the infrastructure upon which "vertical construction" is mounted.

Rick A Rice Consulting's experience with heavy civil is primarily in the development of proposals (response to Request for Proposals and Qualifications). We provide expertise in the development of technical approach documentation for heavy civil contracts, as well as developing detailed descriptions of heavy civil projects and resumes for personnel with horizontal construction experience. We work closely with construction professionals and subject matter experts to developing concise, compelling language to best describe their approach to delivering quality heavy civil construction.

Examples of Relevant Experience:

  • Portland International Airport Apron and Runway Paving - winning proposal

  • Hill Air Force Base, Runway Repair - Marketing collateral, articles for Air Force publications

  • USACE Sierra Army Depot Parking Project - proposal

  • Gila River Southside Canal (multiple) - proposals

  • USACE Heavy Equipment and Repair Contract (HERC) - winning proposal ($120M)

  • Afghanistan Engineering District (AED) Fuel Facilities - Quality Control Plan (welding), Safety Plan

  • California Space Center “Phase 0” Site and Infrastructure Development - proposal

  • City of West Sacramento Utilities and Infrastructure Project - winning proposal

  • Text Box: Listed on this page are a wide range of experience types, from work on deliverables associated with engineering and construction projects, to proposals for specific types of work. RAR Consulting researches proposal requirements closely and works with subject matter experts to clearly understand the issues and considerations in developing an RFP response. The projects listed here represent only a portion of the work we have done, and of the foundation of our understanding of AEC processes. Not all of the proposals cited have been winners, but some non-winners and pending proposals are noted because we have learned as much from developing them as we have from our notably successful efforts.
Weber Point Recreation Area, Stockton, California - winning proposal

Vertical Construction

Vertical, or "overhead" construction, is a term often used to describe high-rise (above 10 stories) commercial projects, but it includes every building structure consisting of standing posts supporting a cross piece. The elements of vertical construction are structural, beginning with the foundations upon which steel, concrete and wood-frame construction are built, but the design of facilities necessarily includes mechanical and electrical provisions, along with integration of the MEP into the underlying horizontal infrastructure.

Rick A Rice Consulting's experience with vertical construction includes processes that define the functional requirements and best alternative solutions to meet the purposes of each facility. The architectural visioning process, typically developed through a progressive series of High Level Architecture (HLA) and High Level Design (HLD) explorations and documentation, develop the description of a vertical construction. They start the process of programming a space to define use and movement of personnel, visitors and materials through a facility, and they start defining the character of a new building, including the aesthetic statement appropriate for the design to make. We work with architects, civil-mechanical-electrical engineers, and a range of stakeholders to explore needs, gather data, and create the documentation that moves the design process forward toward schematic design.

Critical to any vertical construction is site selection, which has a profound impact on project costs and may influence facility design. RAR Consulting works with architects, land planners, civil engineers and corporate executives to review site alternatives for: topography and potential impacts, access to existing roadways, seismic and geological considerations, water resources and flood plane locations, provision of city or public services, fire and police protection services, zoning ordinances and restrictions, proximity to high security or military installations, proximity to airport flight paths, and any risks that might be associated with adjacent neighborhoods or communities.

From the ground up, vertical construction then involves decisions around appropriate materials to meet the requirements of the design, and space planning regarding provision for chillers, transformers, boilers, pumps and air handling units.

RAR Consulting works with companies committed to sustainable and energy-efficient design, and many of the projects and proposals developed by RAR Consulting have been in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

Examples of Relevant Experience:

  • Data Center Design-Build (confidential client) - all aspects from site selection through structural design - Design Guidelines, Specifications, design charrette documents, PowerPoint decks

  • New York-New Jersey Transit Authority Bus Barn - proposal

  • AED - various proposals for Police, Training and School facilities - proposals

  • F.E. Warren Air Force Base - various renovation contracts - winning proposals

  • Design-Build Police Training Facility, Basra, Iraq - winning proposal

  • Afghanistan Military Bases (AED) - proposals for operating basis and barracks, including entryway and force protection, utilities, security plans


Rick A Rice has more than a decade of experience developing proposals for transportation projects, including the $11 billion Doha International Airport in Qatar on the Arabian Gulf (shown at left in a conceptual drawing).

RAR Consulting has had experience with a wide variety of transit centers, from bus stop enclosures to commuter hub facilities. This includes site development, vertical construction, signage, lighting, streetscape and landscape design.

RAR Consulting also continues to provide technical writing and editing services to researchers at the University of California-Berkeley and Texas A&M University who are studying methods to improve rapid rehabilitation of high volume pavements, particularly in urban centers. We have worked with developers of the C4PRS software for planning and executing materials selection and placement strategies, as well as for road closures and project scheduling. That work has also included extensive public outreach strategies using road-side communications systems and Web-based project updates for commuter reference. The research has been undertaken by numerous Departments of Transportation and RAR Consulting has contributed to the publication of numerous articles in the prestigious journals of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Transportation Research Board.

Examples of Relevant Experience:

  • Doha International Airport, Qatar - winning proposal

  • Florida Department of Transportation Selmon Expressway Design-Build - proposal

  • Washington State Department of Transportation Interstate-5 Design-Build - proposal

  • Arizona Department of Transportation Mesquite Interchange - proposal

  • Oregon Department of Transportation Bridge Repair and Replacement - winning proposal

  • Arizona State Route 303 Paving Rehabilitation - proposal

  • Portland Light Rail System, Extension - winning proposal


Rick A Rice Consulting's experience with environmental projects range from restoration of habitat to site cleaning of munitions and decommissioning, decontamination and deconstruction of nuclear facilities.

Examples of Relevant Experience:

  • Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility  - proposal for DD&D

  • Army Munitions Demilitarization Program - technical writing and editing of program design documents (140 person design engineering staff)

  • USACE Sierra Army Depot, Herlong, California, Design-Build-Operate Soil Vapor Extraction System - project descriptions, marketing collateral, SME interviews

  • USACE Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, California, Zero Valent Iron Treatability Study for Solvent Contaminated Groundwater - proposals, project descriptions, SME interviews

  • USACE Kadena AFB, Japan - Turnkey removal and replacement of 53 USTs and ASTs - proposals, project descriptions, SME interviews

  • US Army Small Arms Firing Range (SAFR) project  - SME interviews, contributed to White Papers and marketing collateral on dry separation technology

  • Numerous Wetland Restoration proposals - SME interviews, descriptions of technical approach

Mining & Metals

Rick A Rice Consulting's experience with Mining & Metals projects include proposals for mining operations in South America to a feasibility study for the massive ARAMCO Ma'aden Aluminium project in Saudi Arabia.

Examples of Relevant Experience:

  • Feasibility Study Report for the Ma'aden Aluminium Project  - 1,600-page FSR for a $7 billion bauxite mine, refinery, smelter, rail and port project for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - worked with SME to develop various sections of the study (Bechtel project)

  • Bolivia Mining Project - proposal